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Q&A and key dates for Kimba National Radioactive Waste Management Facility ballot

To assist members of the community with accessing information about the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility site selection ballot it is holding on behalf of the Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, Council has developed the following Q&A ready reckoner. This document will be distributed to all residents and non-resident ratepayers by post, and copies are also available at the Council office and on community noticeboards.

Application forms for the Chief Executive Officer's (voters) roll are available at the Council office, or by clicking the below links:

Voters roll application for a natural person(107 kb)

Voters roll application for an owner group(109 kb)

Voters roll application for a body corporate(107 kb)


Q: Why is Council holding a ballot? What’s it all about?
A: The District Council of Kimba has agreed to a request from the Minister for Resources and Northern Australia to conduct a postal ballot in relation to the construction of a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility at one of three nominated sites, two of which are within its local government area. This is a non-binding ballot, and will provide the Minister with a gauge of community sentiment about the facility going ahead in the Kimba district.

Q: Weren’t we going to have a ballot last year?
A: Yes. Council intended to hold the same ballot in late 2018, however, this was delayed due to legal action. Council received judgment about the litigation in its favour in July 2019, meaning there is no legal impediment to the ballot now proceeding.

Q: What will we be asked to vote on?
A: The question on the ballot paper will be as follows:

“Do you support the proposed National Radioactive Waste Management Facility being located at one of the nominated sites in the community of Kimba?”

Q: When’s all this happening?
A: The timeline for the ballot is provided below:



Open of roll Friday 23 August 2019
Close of roll Friday 13 September 2019 at 12pm
Roll delivered to AEC Monday 16 September 2019
Roll and ballot paper preparation by AEC Tuesday 17 September to Wednesday 2 October 2019
Ballot open (AEC to post ballot material to eligible electors) Thursday 3 October 2019
Ballot close Thursday 7 November 2019 at 10am
Scrutiny and count by AEC Thursday 7 November 2019









Q: Am I eligible to vote, and what do I have to do to have my say?
A: If you are a Kimba resident and on the House of Assembly roll (the one used for federal and state elections) you are eligible to vote and don’t need to do a thing. The Australian Electoral Commission – which is running the ballot for Council – will send your ballot paper to your nominated postal address from 3 October 2019. If you are not currently enrolled on the House of Assembly roll for the Kimba local government area, you may still be eligible to enrol to vote on the Chief Executive Officer’s roll if you own or occupy a property within the Council boundary. The eligibility criteria used to assess applications to the CEO’s roll are those identified in section 14 of the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999.

Q: I’m hearing a lot about the CEO’s roll and a voters roll – what’s the difference?
A: The rolls are one and the same.

Q: How do I get on the CEO’s roll?
A: Unlike the House of Assembly roll, direct application must be made to Council’s CEO for inclusion on the voters roll. You may be eligible if you have been a resident of Kimba for “a continuous period of at least one month immediately preceding the date of the application for enrolment”, or own rateable property within the local government area, either as an individual, a group or body corporate. Application forms for inclusion on the CEO’s roll are available at the Council office or at

Q: I applied to be on the CEO’s roll for the ballot last year – do I need to reapply?
A: No. If you successfully applied to be on the CEO’s roll for the ballot Council intended to hold in 2018, there’s no need to reapply, as you will remain on it until 1 January 2022.

Q: How can I check whether I’m on the House of Assembly roll or CEO’s roll?
A: It’s simple. Either call the Council office or come and check out the roll for yourself, which is always available for public inspection. Please note that legislative provisions make it impossible for Council staff to provide electronic or print copies of either roll.

Q: When will the result be known and will it be made public?
A: The AEC will commence scrutiny of ballot papers from the close of voting at 10am on 7 November 2019, with the count to follow shortly after. It is anticipated that a result will be declared within a few days. When the declaration is made, Council will formally announce the outcome and provide it to the community and the Minister.

Download a PDF copy of the Q&A ready reckoner here(779 kb).

For more information about the ballot, call the CEO or Manager Corporate Services on 08 8627 2026.


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